Julie Cline, Paige Mead, Natalie Johnson, Tina Nickel, and LeAnne Bingham


Pursuer of Community

Appreciator of Story

Self-proclaimed Foodie

I’m a twenty-something.


Here you will find lessons learned and those I’m still learning. This is a celebration of stories & friendship, vulnerability & authenticity, and living life in community.

This twenty-something era is full of  unanswered questions, waiting, and adventure — I am finding more and more contentment in ambiguity and joy in this season. The key is vulnerability and authenticity in community, having the space to be fully known and loved anyway.

So much of my community takes place around the table whether over a cup of coffee, a homemade meal, or dining at a restaurant – food brings people together. My love of food, desire to nourish and nurture, and my belief in what breaking bread does for community hasn’t changed, so you will find recipes and favorite restaurants in “Life Around the Table.”

“Twentysomething” captures the essence of this season. Take a peek! I hope it leaves you encouraged or with a laugh.

Thanks for reading.


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