26. Practicing Gratitude.


I am about to usher in my 26th year of life. It’s a little daunting to be on this side of 25…the other side, it sounds dark and menacing, but it’s really not too bad… more days than not I am confident about who I am and who God created me to be. I understand pain in a deeper way and find immense appreciation for the sweet, joyful moments of life. I’m slowly learning to let go with each passing year and never stop embracing my quirky uniqueness. I avidly pursue living authentically in a vulnerable community and am blessed with relationships that help me better understand who God is. Twenty-six isn’t so bad.

“Gratitude. Choose joy. Be present. Abide in Him.” My little mantras for life and right now I’m focusing on practicing gratitude.

I have had 25 years full of incredible people who have provided care, support, development, and relationships. Dirty diapers, manners, Jesus, and subtraction; laughter, tears, mistakes and success; performances, car rides, the dinner table; sleepovers, vacations, late night chats; and coffee…oh, so much coffee. So many moments in life where people have deeply shaped and influenced the woman that I am today and I believe that it is time to say thank you.

I find myself scrolling through facebook, instagram, and twitter catching up on the lives of people I’ve shared a piece of life with in the past or present. My mind often wanders and I get caught up reflecting on memories and defining moments, and consider the ways that these wonderful people have taught me about life and impacted my journey forever. It’s great that I am thankful for these relationships, but what good is it if those thoughts stay in my head, my abounding gratitude never to be known. I’ve decided I want the people that have influenced me most to know just how thankful I am and why.

So I am. Today I’m mailing about 28 thank you notes and seeking to say, “thank you” more often.

Twenty-six isn’t so bad because I have so many people to thank.

Practice Gratitude.

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