Back to Basics


Back to basics

On Saturday I went to the bar — the Genius Bar.

For those of you who are Apple lovers and Mac people you know that this experience often results in a range of not-so-great news or just plain terrible news. My laptop will be spending it’s week in the hands of the geniuses.

So, here I sit, at the coffee shop. No computer. Pencil in hand writing on a legal pad. Back to basics. Pencil. Paper. No distractions from notifications, messages, or emails.

Lately I’ve been re-discovering basics — simple truths, really. Mostly about obedience and trust, and how simple God’s truth is; how I allow my human mind and desires to make it a messy, complicated, tangled web.

Obedience is my worship to the Lord, out of immense gratitude for His unrelenting and incomprehensible grace.

Grace. Truth. Obedience. Worship.

My mom always says “obey and do the next thing” — it’s one of those sayings like like “eat the elephant one bite at a time,” but I find comfort in it. Obey and do the next thing.

So simple, back to basics. Obedience, this is all God asks us to do. I want my body to be a living sacrifice; I want my actions and behaviors to be a spiritual act of worship.

“Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.” I used to sing this in Sunday school with all the might a kindergartener can muster. I’m not sure why as I get older I seem to make it more complicated. Truth and life, meaning and purpose, they feel like a philosophers’ unquenchable quest, never to be understood — and therefore the drive behind my actions should be the same: an inward battle between thoughts and feelings, theory and fact, shoulds and wants, all drowning in theological rhetoric. In reality, it’s simple. So simple even a child can understand.

Mac-less, with pencil and paper, I’m getting back to the basics. Things I know, but tend to complicate with worry, control, and pride.

Trust and obey.

Back to basics.

Fresh Starts and New School Supplies



Fresh Starts and New School Supplies

The end of summer is travesty to some, but frankly, I like the fall – maybe it’s being stuck within the scholastic time-table, but it seems to me that some of the best changes and freshest starts happen during autumn. As a kid, I got new school supplies: a spanking new box of Crayolas, a bright, unworn Lisa Frank folder, and still to this day I appreciate new, freshly-sharpened no. 2 pencils (thank you, Nora Ephron, for You’ve Got Mail).

In perfect timing with the change of season, this blog is now fresh and new. In the same way fall up north brings changes in sights and sounds, I am launching twentysomething with the hope of a fresh pallet to depict stories, share lesson learned (and those I am still learning), and celebrate living in community…which for those of you who know me, often happens around the table.

Once again, I’m embracing a change in season for my blog, hoping you will too and anticipating the change in season here in West Palm Beach.

I’m finding many people in Florida are desperately wishing it were weather-appropriate to pull out boots and scarves, but I’m going to pretend and drink pumpkin spice lattes anyway…