This summer brought with it excitement and change. I moved across the country to begin a new job and made a little stop at home in the Midwest along the way. The sunny season at home brought back the sights, sounds, and taste of my childhood summers…which always means juicy, ripe tomatoes; fragrant, fresh basil; anything on the grill; plenty of ice cream – all accompanied by crashing Lake Michigan waves and magnificent people.

There is something bittersweet about the change of seasons.

I savored summer and all that it did to my senses, soaking up everything until the very end. In the same way I’m longing for just one more bite of my Los Angeles favorites…the Truffle Burger from Umami, a Garden Pizza and Truffle Fries from Sonoma Wine Garden, and a baby cupcake from The Vanilla Bake Shop on Wilshire.

As I say good-bye to summertime and my Santa Monica staples, I am also thrilled about all  the new. A new job, new city, and new season – so many things to explore; all unfolding in Fall, the coziest and nostalgic of all seasons.

I’m anticipating Autumn in Florida (I’m afraid my firewood candle and pumpkin tea must suffice for now amidst the heat) and the hearty, rich Fall flavors that soothe and comfort. Friendship does the same thing. I’ve been blessed with girlfriend moments with my 20-something year old friends sitting on my floor eating Chinese take-out around my coffee table. This new season is full of things to discover: local restaurants in my city and finding the perfect butternut squash soup recipe this Fall. In the mean time; however, I am going to sit in the comfort of my friendships – celebrating life, community, new seasons….and the simplicity of take-out.