Portland-Seattle Trip

In an effort to get-away and explore new places, a friend and I decided to take a long weekend break from life in Los Angeles and visit Portland and Seattle. As one would expect the air was clean, the fish fresh (20 minutes fresh at Pike Place in Seattle), and coffee strong. The pioneer spirit is alive and well in kitchens of all shapes, sizes, and vehicles in these two northwestern cities – chefs are taking risks and engaging their creativity.

I knew of the infamous Voodoo Donut before arriving in Portland. Donuts filled with risk, glazed with unconventionality, and sprinkled with creativity. Are they over-rated? Worth the wait in line? Wanting to judge for myself, I went, waited, ate, and smiled. A new craving now teases my taste buds. The Maple Bacon Bar and The Dirty Old Bastard (Oreos, chocolate, and peanut butter) simply delish! As a bacon fan, I appreciated the contrast of the meaty, salty bacon with the gooey maple frosting – sweet and smoky! And who is going to argue with peanut butter, oreo cookies, and chocolate? If you go to Portland take a trip (or two) to Voodoo Donuts!

Portland and Seattle are food adventure cities waiting to be explored. Go! Taking a lesson from the food scene in Portland and Seattle, I encourage you to discover local microbreweries, coffee shops, cafes, markets, and restaurants and celebrate the spirit of the pioneer in kitchens wherever you are.


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